Сhief Оperating Officer

  • Oversee the day-to-day running of the business
  • Organize any projects that involve multiple departments
  • Oversee department managers, ensuring efficient operations and projects
  • Build systems and processes to remove the CEO from day-to-day operations
  • Hold department leaders accountable for their responsibilities and set up KPIs
  • Oversee sales & marketing ideas and support - special focus on the customer journey to establish an industry-leading experience
  • Drive sales, reduce expenses, increase productivity, and plan capital expenditures
  • Work with C-level executives to ensure they have the tools and resources they need to be successful
  • Work with the board to understand and meet the goals of shareholders
  • Assist in implementing budgeting across all departments in the company
  • Implement and upkeep the efficiency and deliverables of the set company goals
  • Set comprehensive goals for business growth and success
  • Establish policies and procedures that promote company culture and vision
  • Lead employees with an example 
  • Be a motivator for other employees
  • Analyze and interpret data and metrics
  • Maintain relationships with partners and vendors
  • Ensure that the Visionary’s goals are understood and constantly top of mind
  • Develop, maintain, and grow a meaningful and trust-based relationship with the Visionary
  • Maintain a clear picture of the business plan and ensure that the staff understands the goal and how they are contributing
  • Regularly review the P&Ls and report if there are any concerns
  • Serve as the highest level mediator for conflicts or disagreements within the company (this can be both interpersonal and relative to disagreements on how to handle operational issues)
  • Control the pace of the business (focus on growth without burning out the staff)
  • Reduce corporate whiplash by planning which projects are done in what order and at what time
  • Lead the ERP roll-out
  • Constantly evaluate the Chart of Accountability and work with Head of HR to ensure we have the most efficient corporate structure
  • Uphold company culture in a “lead by example” fashion
  • Maintain a commitment to reporting to establish transparency throughout the company
  • Develop relationships with key officers and managers within the company to remain “in the loop” and be able to predict (get ahead of) potential problems
  • Other duties as assigned
Requirements and skills:
  • Previous working experience as COO or Operations Director for (5) years
  • 2+ years of cryptocurrency and or Bitcoin mining industry experience
  • In-depth knowledge of different business functions such as Finance and Marketing.
  • Hands-on experience in fundraising, strategic planning, and business development
  • Good knowledge of data analysis and KPIs
  • Familiarity IT /Business infrastructure
  • Outstanding organizational and time management skills
  • Excellent interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Great communication and presentation skills
  • Problem-solving mindset
  • Processes create and company management

Job Type: Full-time


  • Quarterly bonus
  • Yearly bonus (up to 15% bonus per year / KPI)
  • Company options after one year with the company
  • Work fully remotely
  • Cross-culture environment
  • Experience in a fast-growing US company
  • Competitive compensation based on experience and credentials
  • Opportunities to connect with experts from the crypto industry

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 8 am - 5 pm EST

Contacts: Please, send your CV to hr@wattum.io