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1We provide reliable energy at competitive rates
2We organize and build turnkey Bitcoin mining solutions
3We scope out suitable locations for lease or purchase

Get the largest payout with the least amount of efforts and risk

With crypto mining operations needing proper architecture, cheap and stable energy, skillful management, and upgraded hardware to stay profitable, investors have to have market insight and do plenty of research in order to make an informed decision.

wattum energy

Wattum Energy

is a full-service crypto mining solution, providing our clients with a cost-competitive business model and hands-on expertise in procuring locations with an excess of affordable energy for both building and managing high-performance, and easily scalable crypto mining facilities.

  • For Investors
  • For Land Owners
  • For Energy Companies


As proactive pioneers of the crypto mining industry, Wattum matches Bitcoin miners with land owners who have Energy they can unlock on their land. With 50,000 TWh of energy lost per year due to inefficiencies, Wattum Energy looks to place mining facilities in close proximity to stranded energy supplies so they can run on power that may otherwise have been lost.

our mission our mission



Find Land and Power


Check with local utility for power availability


Acquire and install power on the site


Find and inspect property that is for sale/lease


Install and manage your Bitcoin miners


Install a mining facility or containers on the site


Wattum Energy strives to help investors with no prior knowledge of or experience in the crypto industry.

We have a full-time team of experts that are ready to make crypto mining as easy as online shopping, providing you with an all-in package of services, including:

  • Land procurement
  • Brokering power and hardware
  • Management
  • Hosting
  • Consulting



As a land or property owner, you are always looking for ways to yield the best return possible.

With Wattum Energy, you can perfectly tailor the coverage you need for your assets and monetise your properties more efficiently.


By selling your excess power to Wattum Energy, or partnering with us to build your own crypto mining facility, you can optimize both energy demand and crypto mining operations to the maximum, speeding up your return on investment.

Returns tend to be extremely fast compared to other investments in the energy sector, as electricity can be marketed at a higher value.


We are incredibly pleased to be expanding our mining operations once again, with the additional offering of our new Bitcoin mining containers, and are even more excited that we get to expand our service offerings to a wider range of clients and partners. Wattum’s move into the Energy business model is indicative of our team's hard work , but also of the strong relationships we continue to build with innovators throughout our industry.

Arseniy GrushaCEO of Wattum
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We are providing our clients with competitive hosting rates as well as the security and reliability of one of the leading USA Bitcoin mining companies. Save yourself the headache of dealing with shipping, customs, horrendous delays and start generating profit from your mining operation immediately.

Wattum specialists will be able to tailor a custom solution depending on your specific needs, be it you are a multi-million dollar investment firm looking to deploy your latest investment product, an oil and gas company with stranded gas, or a regular retailer wanting access to industrial scale mining operation. Partnering with Wattum gives you the best chance at successfully navigating through this turbulent market.

Partnering with Wattum also enables exclusive access to the latest and greatest bitcoin mining hardware available in the market – Antminer S19 delivering a power efficiency of 34.5±%5 J/TH.

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