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Wattum to Lead Buildout of Multiple Colocation Facilities, Expand Construction Division

June 29, 2021

Wattum is proud to announce the official launch of the Wattum Buildout Division, our rebranded partnership with New York-based Colobuilders. The joint venture will be absorbed into Wattum’s building division, bringing heightened accessibility to in-house experts and high-quality resources our customers have come to trust. With the addition of Colobuilders to the Wattum family, our customers can now rely on a single united firm throughout the entire process of building their data centers, from design to construction to management.

We are thrilled to introduce you to our comprehensive buildout offerings, which include: Site Scanning & Planning, Digital Engineering, Digital Construction Management, Energy Management & Operational Simulation, and much more.

The Wattum Buildout Division

With this major addition to our buildout division, Wattum steps forward as a leader in the construction of new Bitcoin mining facilities. This announcement comes on the heels of soaring demand for colocation centers within the United States, which have emerged as an attractive investment option for large investors.

Leading global cryptocurrency yield-earning platform Celsius recently announced a $200 million investment into various stages of the Bitcoin mining process to maximize their competitive advantage. Another example includes BIT Mining Limited, who has plans to invest $25.74 million into a 57 MW facility in Texas, with 85% of their energy coming from clean and low-carbon energy sources. With a head-start in this lucrative market, Wattum is a seasoned player that has demonstrated reliability in the data center construction game.

Growing with Colobuilders

With over 30 years of experience in building and managing data centers, Colobuilders has established superior relationships with supply and equipment vendors around the world. Their three pillars for success are experience and reliability, customization and transparency, and profit maximization, all values that Wattum shares.

In order to deliver the best quality facilities, Colobuilders has created a tried and tested process for facility design, construction, and operations. This process also minimizes time spent, risk, and cost using advanced engineering, modeling, and simulation technologies alongside advanced construction techniques.

Financing Takes Initiative

The surging opportunity of colocation data centers hasn’t gone unnoticed by leaders keen on cryptocurrency, many of whom are implementing Bitcoin into their own payment operations or adding it to their balance sheet. Right at the front of the line is long-time supporter and early corporate adopter, Square Inc. The financial services firm is entering the Bitcoin mining industry with a $5 million investment to build an open-source, solar-powered Bitcoin mining facility. This facility will act as a proof-of-concept that it is possible to achieve 100% renewable energy in Bitcoin mining on such a large scale.

Square tweeted that they are “committed to driving further adoption and efficiency of renewables within the bitcoin ecosystem.” They hope this action will encourage further investments into sustainability from the rest of the industry.

Square has long been a supporter of Bitcoin, with CEO Jack Dorsey being a vocal supporter of the cryptocurrency. Cash App, owned by Square, has allowed users to buy and sell Bitcoin on their mainstream platform, recording over 1 million first-time Bitcoin buyers on the app in a single month. With high profile proponents like Square, mining farm construction is primed for growth.

Wattum’s Kazakhstan Facility

Wattum has also pursued proactive growth in Kazakhstan by partnering with Enegix, the world’s largest crypto mining data center, to offer 8 MW of hosting availability in this budding region. Offering some of the lowest hosting prices worldwide, our mining operation in Kazakhstan benefits a Bitcoin-supportive government, an ideal climate for air cooling, and on-site accommodation and repairs. Wattum continues to provide the reliable experience that customers have come to associate with our brand through 24/7 customer support with on-site technicians, routine maintenance and diagnostics of mining equipment, and monitoring current conductors. Hosting with Wattum lets you mine Bitcoin securely and reliably without breaking the bank.

Building on Wattum’s long-standing experience in the development of mining and hosting facilities, this strengthened partnership with Colobuilders bolsters our position as a comprehensive source for your Bitcoin mining needs. To inquire about building a facility with Wattum or to learn more about our buildout division, please fill out our form to get in touch!

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