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What is WATTUM?

WATTUM is a secure and user-friendly cryptocurrency cloud mining service that eliminates all of the complexities of crypto mining (like purchasing and managing mining hardware/software). Instead, you simply purchase hashpower to participate in the mining process. WATTUM gives you the entire spectrum of hosted cryptocurrency mining services. We’ll help you get onboard and start mining regardless of the scale of your investment.

WATTUM is your ideal crypto mining partner because of our innovative, smart mining model, in which all stakeholders benefit from the use of cutting-edge technology, the latest mining rigs, and efficient software that optimizes your mining. Your mining operation is enhanced by the assistance of our analytical team and the discounted electricity that allows us to offer you cloud mining at a very low cost.

How do I mine with WATTUM?
The procedure is easy and takes seconds to set up. Once we process your payment, we create a profile for you and let you start mining. You have a solid selection of popular cryptocurrencies to mine, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Decred and SiaCoin.
Where are your mining centers located?
While we keep the exact locations private as a security precaution, the bulk of our mining is split between our data centers in USA and Canada.
Which coins can I mine?

We continuously monitor and consider the best coins for mining ROI. At this time, you can mine one of the following coins:

Algorithm Coin
Scrypt LTC
Blake2b SC
Blake256 (14r) DCR
What ROI can I expect?

As you probably already know, mining ROI is variable based on the exact state of mining a particular coin at any given time. We base our ROI formula on deducting our expenses from the overall mined income (which includes the total sum of daily payouts derived from fluctuations in the hashrate). For a precise estimate of your ROI, use the following calculators below (make sure to indicate power values as zero):

  1. Bitcoin - for SHA-256
  2. Litecoin - for Scrypt
  3. Ethereum - for ETHASH

The resulting sum will give you the gross revenue. To get your final net profit, make sure to deduct maintenance fee. Please also keep in mind the withdrawal fee when you decide to withdraw the mined coins.

Note that the coinwarz.com resource is not associated with WATTUM in any way. Its data is provided exclusively from independent analysts.

Which pools does WATTUM use for mining?

All pools are chosen based on our analysts’ expertise and stringent criteria for reputation and transparency. We exclude pools that have bad support options or high support rates. As a result, you always get the best mining options and terms.

Which payment methods are available?

We currently accept the following cryptocurrencies:

  • BTC
  • ETH

For fiat payments, we currently accept:

  • Credit Card

NOTE: The issuing bank may charge additional fees for BitCoin or cloud mining service purchases when you are using a credit card. This additional charge is usually labeled “cash advance.” To avoid such unplanned expenses, you should provide the Simplex Service Code Merchant Category Code (MCC): 6051 to your bank representative before making the payment.

What is included in the maintenance fee?

We include the following services in the calculation of the maintenance fees:

  • Electricity cost
  • Cooling
  • Maintenance work
  • Hosting services
  • Possible pool fees

The maintenance fees are fixed in USD, and deducted from the daily balance in Cryptocurrency that you mine, based on the exchange rate provided by CoinmarketCap.com. We charge these fees to all users on a daily basis. For further details, see the relevant section of WATTUM Terms of Service.

What is the mechanism of Ether contract operation?

The purchasing process of an Ether mining contract has some specifics that you should consider when estimating your potential revenue. Mining Ether through WATTUM is the same as owning a part of an Ethereum GPU (i.e., its graphics mining unit). The GPU mines Ethereum with the help of its specific hashing algorithm named Ethash aka Dagger-Hashimoto.

As such, the calculations in the Ethereum mining process use a DAG file, which grows larger with each calculation - thus requiring more power and space to continue mining. Therefore, the Ethereum mining hashrate actually decreases with the progress of the mining process, a fact which is ignored in all known revenue calculators.

So make sure to take this information into account in order to estimate the output of your hashpower more precisely; unfortunately, online calculators tend to provide skewed estimates in this regard.

What are the payout terms?

All our users receive their revenue on their WATTUM account every day. However payouts (withdrawals) can be made only after the mandatory minimum is reached, which varies for each cryptocurrency:

Coin Min Payout Limit
BTC 0.004
LTC 0.2
ETH 0.04
SC 200

Here is an example: In April 2018, Bitcoin payouts were made once the user’s balance reached the minimum of 0.004 BTC; Ethereum - 0.04 ETH, Litecoin - 0.2 LTC, Siacoin - 200 SC and Decred - 1 DCR. The minimum rates save costs by avoiding of multiple fee payments on small withdrawals to wallets.

The first payout processing time for those paying via a credit/debit card may extend to 30-32 days because of security precautions. To protect WATTUM against fraud and any credit card fraudulent schemes, there is a month-long hold on the first payout for credit card purchasers; after that initial hold, the daily payout rule goes into effect for these users as well.

Also, when you change your wallet, we pause withdrawals for 7 days as a security precaution.

When will I get paid?

WATTUM releases earnings to users every day for all cryptocurrencies. The mining day is calculated according to the UTC time zone, starting at 00:00 UTC and ending at 23:59:59 UTC. However, newly registered users should take the timing of their contract into account, as mining starts within 24hrs after the payment is confirmed and the payment confirmation may also take up to 24hrs. Check the “Account and Balance” section of Terms of Service for more details.

As soon as the 24-hour mining interval ends, we issue all earnings on all types of coins and withdraw the maintenance fees for that mining interval.

For newly registered users, the first earnings release may be extended to 72 hours after the purchase of a contract due to technical and organizational issues. If you still have not received your revenue after 72 hours, please contact us immediately at [email protected] to check on your earnings.

If you want to withdraw the mined coins please check your payment information to make sure you provide the correct information for us to deliver payouts to your wallet.

I paid for my order but my balance is 0. Why?

The mining starts the next day after the payment is confirmed. Payment confirmation may take up to 24hrs. You will see the first earning the next day after the mining started as today’s earnings is what you mined yesterday. Here is an example: You made a purchase on August 21st at 11.00 am UTC. The payment was confirmed on August 21st at 1pm UTC time. The mining will start on August 22nd at 01.00am UTC. The first earning will be released on August 23rd at 01.00am UTC.

Another example: You made a purchase on August 21st at 9.00 am UTC. The payment was confirmed on August 22nd at 8am UTC time. The mining will start on August 23rd at 01.00am UTC. The first earning will be released on August 24th at 01.00am UTC.

This way for newly registered users, the first earning release may be extended to 72 hours after the purchase of a contract due to technical and organizational issues. If you still have not received your revenue after 72 hours, please contact us immediately at [email protected] to check on your earnings.

What is the net profit?

Here is the explanation how your net profit is calculated:

There is an everyday earning (what you mined on a previous day) and everyday maintenance fee withdrawal. Your daily earnings - daily maintenance fee = net profit. You can always see it in the Transaction History.

How do I contact you if I have questions or concerns?

We value every customer and place high-quality customer service as our top priority. We’re especially happy to help new users come onboard and feel fully comfortable with our mining services. So feel free to reach out 24/7 to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you!