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Wattum’s smart mining model gives every investor an opportunity to access industrial mining with the newest equipment and cutting-edge software. These opportunities were previously reserved to those with the cash to buy industrial mining rigs and the technical knowledge to operate them.

By leasing our computing power, you do not need to build your own farm or even to become a miner. Wattum’s cloud mining services eliminate a number of technical hassles like having to find and assemble the equipment, setting and calibrating your rig, dealing with the noise, cooling, electricity interruptions, hardware and software failures, unexpected breakage and wear-and-tear, and much more. Instead, you just lease the power you need to mine the crypto that gives you the most profit.

Because we take care of the entire back-end, it does not matter if you are a beginner or an experienced crypto miner. Once you make a decision to make money from the crypto market, Wattum is your reliable partner to profit from crypto mining. We accept all major types of payments, including Credit Card, BTC, and ETH.


Wattum is your way to share in the profits of crypto mining without buying any hardware or having to commit hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of crypto as a stake. It gives everyone access to passive income from crypto mining. Wattum provides you with effortless access to industrial-scale crypto mining so you can profit from the crypto boom. Unlike mining in third world countries, where governments can suddenly shut down mining operations or access, our cloud crypto mining platform is based in the United States and Canada. All you need to do is decide which cryptocurrency you want to mine and select a power leasing plan that fits your mining needs.