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Bitmain Antminer S17 Buyers Guide

November 9, 2020

Buying used Bitmain S17 miners is a great strategy for adding capacity to your fleet of cryptocurrency mining gear while limiting the purchase costs. Due to the high price tags on these miners, individuals that are looking to purchase second hand should take extra steps to ensure the integrity of the used miners in order to maximize the return on their investment.

Be sure to do your research and follow the 3 steps outlined below to make sure you’re getting the most for your money when purchasing a used Bitmain S17 miner.

  1. Review the transport history of the miners

While the conditions that mining hardware has been exposed to during its working lifetime can vary greatly, they can have serious impacts on the performance and longevity of each unit.

Common failures in Bitmain S17 miners have often been traced back to poor handling and transport practices. Avoiding the purchase of units that have been moved around to different locations can help you save money in the long run; check with your seller to find out if the miners have undergone any transport from one facility to another.

Ideally, the used miner you plan to purchase will have stayed at one location for its entire lifetime and has not been subject to potential damage during its transportation.

  1. Look for miners from cold temperature facilities

Another factor that negatively impacts the longevity of Bitman S17 miners is the temperatures they may have been exposed to.

Performance deficiencies and complete breakage of S17 units have been observed if they have been used in high temperature settings as their internal cooling components aren’t of the greatest quality. Facilities that operate at 85 degrees or higher run a significant risk of damaging or breaking the miners that are in operation.

Be sure to ask your seller of the S17 miner about what temperatures the miners were operated in to avoid buying bad units. Narrow your search for used S17 miners from facilities that operate with well developed cooling systems to ensure you will get years of use from the used miner.

  1. Inspect the hash reports and product information

Taking the time to deep dive into each S17 miner report history is a process that can save you considerable amounts of money.

Be sure to run the hash report and compare to industry benchmarks in order to avoid purchasing miners that are not hashing at optimal levels. An additional safety measure to take before purchasing a used S17 miner is to check its serial number; some of the miners that Bitmain offered at the initial S17 release experienced issues that were fixed in the later produced S17 models.

Double check that the units you’re planning to purchase are the updated versions in order to avoid potential failure. Finally, buying used miners that are still under warranty is another strategy for maximizing your investment. If any issues arise, you will still be covered for the remaining warranty period.

By following this Bitmain S17 buyers guide, you will be able to increase the productivity of your mining efforts without losing significant amounts of money on repairs or maintenance. Although buying secondhand miners is somewhat riskier than buying a new unit, conducting a detailed pre-purchase inspection as explained above can help you to mitigate these risks.

Adding extra power to your crypto mining operations right now is a chosen strategy to take advantage of the cryptocurrency mining market conditions, as many of China’s miners are offline during this season because of the hydropower costs associated with low rain levels throughout the country.

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