Value of WATTUM is based on the smart mining model where every investor, partner and third party participant has a chance to get access to industrial mining with the newest equipment and ground-breaking software.

The computing power leasing plan is one of the most popular types of cloud mining contracts. You do not need a farm or a miner. Purchasing the Wattum services of cloud mining allows you to eliminate various technical problems like the search and assembly of equipment, its adjustment, noise, cooling, electricity interruptions, failures, and breakages.

Wattum provides the potential for earning in an uncomplicated and passive manner utilizing cloud cryptocurrency mining. Our plans include the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or an experienced crypto trader, if you make a decision to become a crypto investor or a part of the cryptomarket, you can be sure Wattum is your reliable partner. We accept all major types of payments like PayPal, Credit Card, BTC, ETH.


Wattum provides an effortless access to industrial mining, the easiest way of receiving a passive income. Our cloud crypto mining platform is based in USA and Canada. It gives you a reliable opportunity to easily become a part of the cryptocurrency marketplace. All you need to do is decide which cryptocurrency you want to mine and then select a power leasing plan.



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