What makes Wattum different
Mining Pool

WATTUM Mining Pool is a Financial Institution of the Future

  • Provide income from external participants
  • Improve mining capacities
  • Allow introduction of decentralized technology, supporting maximum number of algorithms
Mining Software

WATTUM Software is Aimed at Achieving Greater Profitability and Increasing Stability of Mining:

  • Calculating complexity of mined
    cryptocurrency network
  • Correlation between complexity of
    mining and exchange rate
  • Automatic setup of equipment to the
    most profitable mining algorithm
  • Monitoring and control of equipment
    on a real-time basis

Being an integral part of the mining pool operation, WATTUM
Software will allow project partners to receive superprofit.

Computational Services

Computational Services

Data center, mining pool and cloud mining service of the WATTUM company will allow
processing large amounts of data and perform various kinds of useful calculations, not limited
to cryptocurrency mining. This diversification will allow our team to increase financial returns,
reduce computational burden and minimize risks related to the cryptocurrency market.


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